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Dates are a popular natural sweet in the world, especially in the Middle East. The date is one of the most nutritious and useful foods for all people of different ages. The energy and nutrients in this food increase its value and share in the daily diet.

New research has revealed more benefits in this important and rich fruit and its effects on the daily diet and increase in the body’s energy after consumption. Many people today include this in their diet.

Different types of dates are produced and exported in Iran. Among the best export dates of Iran, we can name Mazafati, Pyaram, Majool, Rabi, and Zahedi, which have the highest demand.

We all know that we have two general types of dried and soft dates, each of which has its unique feature and property.

Dates have many benefits, but the benefits of that generally include the following:

  • Heart healer
  • Increase towards the eye
  • Gastrointestinal enhancer
  • Restoring and strengthening sexual powers
  • Reducing the incidence of anemia
  • Reduce allergy complications
  • Energy for the body and mind of athletes
  • Hearing enhancement
  • Increase muscle growth
  • Prevention of fatty liver
  • Treatment of colds and sore throats
  • Regulation of blood sugar
  • Reducing pregnancy complications
  • Adjusting muscle contractions